Thank You

This is a special dedication page for those persons and places who have supplied & supported our business.

Raiven at S Raymond Photography has done a stellar job with my product photos! A fellow witch on the path of awareness, she conveys her love of nature and passion for the goddess in all she does, including her photography! If you’re in or around NH and would like to check out her services for a future wedding, event, or modeling shoot, feel free to reach out!

This photo is the intellectual property of S Raymond Photography.


I’d also welcome you all to check out my herbal supplier at Misty Meadows! They offer courses in Herbalism in Lee, NH with certification available; They have a fantastic supply of metaphysically based books, locally harvested incense, stones, and more! Tea that’s conceptualized in-house is offered for sampling daily, and many herbs for sale are grown themselves.

Jessica Daigle of Misty Meadows has her own line of fantastic medicinal tonics and concoctions of her own! She always carries this stellar energy that is peaceful, intuitive, and both spiritually & intellectually guided. Her thirst for learning and love of plants has helped carve her own unique path towards quality products that you can find on her Instagram account via @daigleberry. We at Intention Spells thoroughly encourage you to reach out and see how she’s able to help you today!

Photo taken by S Rayond Photography

Leane McDonald is not your average run-of-the-mill model, and don’t let her genteel disposition fool you! This gal is full of sass and smarmy charm to melt even the grumpiest of hearts! As a personal review, Leane was able to contribute image ideas for our products that we may have never even considered, making her more than a pretty face and healthy body – shes smart and has an eye that leads the masses. Delivering quality poses, excellent follow-through for requests, and flexibility, she is the next up-and-coming model your business deserves.

If you wish to check out more of her work & contract her for future gigs, please check out her Instagram account!