Sarah R. – New Hampshire

Sarah purchased our enchanted Sweet Surrender Body Scrub & Higher Self Enchanted Cleaner – see what she has to say!

The smell of the Higher Self Cleaner is soooooo good – like I wanted to bathe in it (but not literally). The aura of the room instantly improved and I felt so much happier! Speaking of bathe, every time I use the Lavender Chocolate scrub, it takes me back to the first time I used it, and how my skin felt like I’ve never felt it before. It smells so amazing! It really helped me relax.

The customer service I received was also prompt, professional, and perfect. I got a hold of Carol from Intention Spells on facebook because I was worried about my cat being exposed to some of the essential oils listed in the cleaner, and she worked with me to create an altered version of the cleaner, but with the same effect, and its safer around my kitty. The day I got it she also gave me free catnip because she knew how much I love my familiar & friend. I’m happy to get a much safer and earth-friendly cleaner.

Sarah has been a loyal shopper since April 4th, 2018 & still satisfied.