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Coming Soon – Enchanted Lip Care & More

A new luxurious line of Enchanted Lip Balms is underway with 2 of them finished with the testing phase.

In round tin containers, these lip balms are able to be stored in your pocket with no melting problems. Made of Gaia’s gifts of Beeswax, Cocoa¬†butter, Coconut oil, and Vitamin E, it holds up well under heat and moisturizes for hours. This product has a¬†higher level of Beeswax to make sure it lasts longer than any store brand product and has a long-lasting scent.

Our first flavor is based on our sweet surrender scrub and is made of Lavender & Chocolate to relax the mind and sweeten the senses.

Our second scrub is a chocolate chai tea, made of honeybush tea, cinnamon leaf oil, and ginger essential oil to give a warm and spicy blend. Calendula and Alfalfa were brewed in for its soothing mineral blend, aiding in healthy lips and a kissably soft touch.

Our last one is still being conceptualized, however, suggestions are always welcome. We’re leaning towards a chocolate peppermint lip balm, completing our chocolate lip balm line.

We’re still working on the kinks with labeling and packaging as we strive to steer clear of plastics, including shrink wraps. While a mojo bag would be an awesome idea to ship it in as you have more than 1 use for our packaging, this would increase the cost of the product; we can also wrap it in brown paper packaging with the label over it to make it recyclable and reduce costs. Shipping and handling is never a favorite, however a necessary evil in the digital age of shopping.

Retail value of the lip balms are $3.50 each, which is a really good price for a higher quality lip balm.

Our Laundry Soaps will be up this week for purchase. This too is a natural mineral based product with enchanted herbs that wash out in the laundry. Wool balls that you can add your own essential oils too, reducing the need for dryer sheets are underway. This should help carry the metaphysical properties of our cleaners with you throughout the day.

For our cleaning & laundry products, we’re working on obtaining brown paper bakery bags to start selling refills of the cleaning products, so you’re refilling the glass containers you have rather than ordering new ones every time. This should also drive down costs to ensure customer satisfaction.

Last, we’re developing a line of natural hand sanitizers that double as a bug spray for the summer. With tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and probably lemon oil, this blend should keep mosquitos away and kill and germs lingering around. We need to ensure that once it dries it won’t become problematic when touching the face, so a follow-up blog on product testing will come.

As always, keep in touch, blessed be, and thank you for being a part of the intention spells community.

Carol Simpson