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As all our products are handcrafted in small batches, the quality of the product may slightly differ from time to time, as measurements of herbs or oils may vary slightly per batch. This does not harm the quality of the product, though consistency may be different from your first experience. This may also happen as brands or suppliers of the product may change, with the intent of reducing costs or improving quality. While we do have measurements of a general formula for each product, it’s not always an exact science.

Because everything is crafted with real herbs and essential oils, we generally suggest that any body-care products (such as scrubs and lip balms) are used within 6 months of the date it was received to ensure it’s quality and safety is maintained. For any cleaning solutions, in its powdered form, it is good for 1 year from its date of purchase – anything in liquid form (enchanted cleaners with water and vinegar mixed in) we recommend using within 2 months if left at room temperature, and 4 months if kept in the fridge, based on being stored in our amber round glass bottles. Long-term quality and expiration date of liquid products not guaranteed if stored in a different colored glass container, or a container made of plastic or other material. If the product was made, kept, and stored in any bottle other than our glass amber round spray bottles, refund of the product is subject to denial, as our products were designed to work according to our manufacturer guidelines.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of a product and have used it accordingly, we will happily exchange for a new product or refund you within 15 days of the day it was received, so long as a minimum of 50% of the product is in the container. Please email me at for more information or inquiries.

Thank you, and Blessed Be.

Carol Simpson

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