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Coming Soon! (Available for preorder)

As word gets around about who we are and what we have to offer, the #1 request has been a body scrub that’s moisturizing, smells amazing, is natural, and as with the rest of our products, is manufactured in glass & enchanted. That’s why I’m happy to present a product that is now ending it’s testing and development phase and will be ready to purchase! It’s called Invigorate, and according to our customers, this is a truly magical and amazing product! Reviews include water beading on the skin after the next shower, skin remaining scented throughout the work day, and has just the right amount of scrubbiness!

Made with a botanical infusion of calendula, rosehips, and parsley, this rich and micronutrient formula is gently heated in unrefined organic coconut oil, shea nut oil, and vitamin e to pamper the skin and awaken the senses. Notes of Grapefruit with a  Lemongrass undertone become the perfect way to start the day, boost your energy, and keeping you smelling amazing all day! All of this is then put into a brown sugar base that absorbs the oils and sticks very well. DONT BE DECEIVED! You may notice it’s not swimming in oil like most mass-manufactured scrubs, but that’s because this is a natural and rich product that will leave you running to your friends, cause let’s face it, you’ve probably asked someone at least once to smell you!

Directions: Using a small amount at a time, rub this on your arms, legs, stomach, shoulders, elbows, neck, or where ever you feel that extra bit of moisture would help. If you have a mantra or spell to chant, feel free to do so! (Not recommended for feet – we wouldn’t want you to slip and fall.)
Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Organic Unrefined Coconut oil, Shea nut oil, Calendula herbal oil, Rosehip herbal oil, Petroselinum crispum herbal oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Tocopheryl Acetate

Coming Soon
Invigorate sugar scrub (left) and Blessings Base floor sweep (right)


As any good witch will tell you, it becomes helpful, if not necessary from time to time to enchant the floors and sweep out the old energy. Some may go with putting salt in the corners and black tourmaline to boost the absorption of negative energies, but we at Intention Spells take it a step further.

Our blessings base floor sweep is filled with Himalayan salt to ionize the environment the same way a pink salt lamp works in the home. We also include baking soda to help freshen your carpets, while black Hawaiian sea salt absorbs any negative energies for you to sweep out the door! We offer 3 different varieties for you to customize based on your intent – one with a lavender blend, one with a couchgrass blend, and our last with an applemint blend.

These items are available for preorder and will be shipped your way as soon as it’s complete.

Directions: If you wish, take the product and enchant it on your altar to customize your intent before use. Sprinkle solution onto your floors and if possible, have the shades open and a window open so the salts absorb moonlight, and the air element helps purify the room. In the morning, thank your deity(s), open the door, and sweep the blessings base our the door.


Blessings Base Floor Sweep (Lavender, Couch grass, or Applemint pre-order)

Note: In an effort to refrain from cultural appropriation, our floor sweep does not include High John The Conqueror, as this is a common Hodo herb that is not part of my cultural heritage, as it is wrong for me to profiteer off a culture that is not my own. Our apoligies to those in search of a floor sweep with that herb.* Our Blessings base floor sweep has pink salt, baking soda, black salt, and your choice of a lavender base, couch grass base, or applemint base, according to your need and intent. This item is available for preorder and will be shipped when it’s available.




Invigorate Body Scrub (pre-order)

This brown sugar scrub is loaded with moisture rich oils to wake up the senses while sloshing off dead skin. Not only will this aid in the regeneration of new skin cells, the scent will last for hours, serving as a reminder to bring you back to center under stress. This is a customer favorite, and our first sugar scrub ever!


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