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Grounding: Enchanted Surface Cleaner




Our product is made from natural herbs, sustainable minerals, and is safe for everyday use. One bottle of our enchanted cleanser mixed with water, vinegar, and your choice of lemon and/or hydrogen peroxide will give you 8 – 8oz. spray bottles worth to bring you back to center, as well as your guests.

Your home is not just a space to sleep, store your stuff, and enjoy a good meal – it’s your personal sanctuary! Consecrate your home with your intentions today while improving the energy of those that surround you that you welcome into your home.

Feel like going the extra mile? Put this on your altar and enhance the quality of the spell we’ve placed into it with your personal energy! We hope the 3-fold law will guide and abide in solidifying your root chakra and bring stability to an unstable world.

Grounding Enchanted Cleaner

Blend of natural minerals, essential oils, magical herbs, and grounding intent to provide a clean and magical environment. Made in glass bottles, we take aim to reduce our plastic waste and create a refillable product thats friendly on your wallet and mother earth. For every 8 ounces, mix 2 tablespoons of grounding with 1/2 a cup of hot water into our refillable glass spray bottles. Shake until dissolved, and add 1/3 a cup of white vinegar. Top it off with your choice of hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice (to disinfect), or more vinegar. Please use within 2 months of mixing.




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